How Do I Stop Drinking – 3 Things To Say To Yourself When You Are Tempted


How Do I Stop DrinkingLet’s face it, when things are going great, the chances of telling yourself to grab a bottle is very slim.

However, it’s those events or scenario that causes our emotions to spin out of control that we are tempted to start drinking again.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to keep that dreaded bottle out of your life, and that’s what this article is about. Specifically, we are going to cover the self-talk you can do to convince yourself not to drink again.

Before we cover that part of the article, I’d like to remind you that if in any case you are doing any kind of DIY addiction treatment, I highly suggest that you first consult with a professional. What you are looking for is an outside perspective of your problem. Not just any kind of outside perspective from anyone – from a professional who have already helped a lot of people in the past (hopefully). Now that we have covered that, let’s get back to the topic on hand.

“It Ain’t Worth It”

If there is just one phrase that can help you the most if you are thinking of picking up a drink, then this should be it. It’s one of the best lines for quieting that voice in your head…

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