Marriage As A Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?


Treatment For Alcohol AddictionWell, the idea might sound ridiculous – using marriage as a treatment for alcohol addiction.

I’ll be the first one to admit that getting married to treat alcohol addiction may not be most efficient way of doing things.

However, for those who are married, or thinking of getting married, then you might want to check this new study.

Before that, it’s time for my disclaimer. As always, I highly suggest that if you are thinking of DIY addiction treatment, then check first with a professional. You don’t have to go through a formal addiction treatment. However, what you are truly after is a professional’s opinion. Chances are, what you gain from the consultation can greatly help with your battles.

Now that we have covered that, on we go to the topic!

Marriage And Alcohol Addiction

So here’s a thing, The American Journal of Psychiatry recently published a study concerning alcohol abuse in relation to the effects of marriage.

The study was very wide as it includes 3.3 million Swedish people born from 1960 to 1990. So what about the result?

According to the study, marriage actually protects you from alcohol abuse.

Numbers, Numbers And More Numbers

According to the study, marriage protects men from developing alcohol abuse by as much 59% and 73% for women. Here’s an even more surprising realization.

This alcohol abuse protection mechanism of marriage shows to be at the greatest for individuals with a family history of alcohol abuse.

Last Thoughts

We all know that marriage has its protective benefits. However, marriage actually protects individual from developing alcohol abuse is rather surprising.

However, keep in mind that the study was mostly conducted on Swedish people. Hence, there’s a good chance that culture has an effect of this one protective benefit of marriage.

Also, the study only shows the protective benefits. However, when it comes to marriag as a form of treatment – well, no one is sure about the answer yet.